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Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Texas Adult Driver Education Course

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Adult Driver Education

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Path to Drivers License

A) Enroll and Complete the 6-Hour Course:

B) Pass the Course & Final Exam:

C) Head to the DPS:

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Taking the TEA approved Adult Drivers Ed course will not only take you closer to receiving your Texas drivers license, it is a great deal more fun than attending a drivers ed class in a classroom setting.  You'll enjoy:

No boring textbooks

No boring classroom lectures.

No written test at the DPS

After you have completed the Online 6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed Course, you will receive your completion certificate that states you have passed the Texas DPS exam. Once you receive your certificate, bring it to the DPS to get your license. You will still need to take an eye exam and road test at the Department of Public Safety before obtaining your license.

The Adult Drivers Ed course is also TEA approved to provide drivers new to Texas and residents 25 and over who have never had a license, an easy way to get their license. By taking our online course, you will gain all or the knowledge necessary to become a Texas driver.

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Easy to complete chapters

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Online Texas Course

6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed


Texas law requires that all adults between the ages of 18 & 24, who have not taken drivers ed, complete a 6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed Course in order to receive their drivers license.

Our TEA approved Adult Driver Education Course is provided by Aceable.

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